Monday, November 25, 2013

How Helping Your Boss Can Help You

Most of us have had a boss or two with whom we've clashed or generally disagreed with their management styles. On the surface, this can be a frustrating and challenging situation to work under. For those who have gone through it, hopefully you came out on the other side unscathed with your values still intact. However, if you are currently in that situation, look at it through a different lens and you may learn something that will help get you through this season of your life.
  • Actively listen and observe what is being said and NOT said. 
  • Objectively look at it from his/her perspective. 
  • Genuinely ask how you can help. 
It's only by truly wanting to help others that you help yourself. It's impossible to give and not get in return. The gratification may not be instant but you are sowing seeds that will harvest in your future, when you need it most! The future becomes "now" sooner or later.