Sunday, June 22, 2014

Reinventing You (Same Job, New You)

Can you reinvent yourself and enjoy a successful career in the same company where you failed to build an effective brand? For whatever reason, some employees get side-tracked, caught up in personal matters, and/or think they have taken the job for a short term reason and 5 years later come to the realization that it's been a long season of not feeling fulfilled. While I have seen people reinvent themselves, it definitely takes time, talent, and consistency to completely makeover your persona to one that can be favorably received. "Reinvention" may be a strong word for some, but this also applies if you need a "refresh" to appear more effective. Since this is not my area of expertise, I talked with an executive coach and posed this dilemma for how one can shed negative perceptions to create new opportunities. Ultimately, the real decision may not be "reinvention" but finding a new company if the role or culture is not one that you fully embrace.

If reinvention is your choice, then keep in mind, you created this persona over time, and it will take time for others to fully realize and accept the new you. This venture with yourself should be carefully thought out and planned. Avoid any premature decisions, and once you are sure about how you want to be perceived, be confident about the direction you are headed. 

There are three key characteristics you must have before you begin to make a plan or take action:

The first is Self-Awareness, which is understanding your strengths and your weakness. Do you know how others experience you? Do you know what is potentially holding you back? Second, Willingness - Are you willing to do what it takes to make yourself over? And this may not equal a complete change, but what areas can you enhance to be more effective? Finally, Courage is the catalyst that will put action to your plan. Nothing will ever change unless you have the courage to do what is necessary. Besides employing supportive approaches such as getting a mentor, developing your leadership skills, and engaging supportive colleagues, here are other tactics that can aid in reinventing you:
  • Create A Confidant Circle of Professionals that you trust to give you honest feedback. Meet with them regularly to discuss goals, challenges, and accomplishments.
  • Hire An Executive Coach and plot out a plan for changing or enhancing yourself to be a more effective you.
  • Involve Your Manager (if you have a supportive manager) and strategize with her for how she can assist you in your goal.
  • Cultivate Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to authentically engage with others across the organization and begin to rebuild your brand.
For more ideas about reinventing yourself, visit: Google Talks: Reinventing You