Saturday, August 9, 2014

3 Ways To Turn Procrastination Into Productivity

Podcast - Are you that person who can't get out of your own way to move forward? You seem to be stuck at "START" and can never make any progress towards your goal? Every time your friends see you, you are always "getting ready", but never actually making any traction. For whatever reason, procrastination, fear of commitment, feelings of inadequacy, or any other life-sucking mental trap can keep us from obtaining the very thing we say we want. Does this sound familiar?

While there can be many reasons for running in place, the main reason may be the lack of commitment to the goal. It's important to first realize that you are procrastinating and then do something about it.

3 Ways To Turn Procrastination Into Productivity:

Procrastination is the symptom of a bigger issue, nevertheless, there is only one of two decisions you can make: Choose to move forward or choose to forget it. And if you "choose to forget it", read challenge #3 first before you do.

Take a moment to ponder the tactics below for ideas to get moving:

- The Honest List - Make a list of all the tasks associated with your goal(s). Give yourself a small task and a deadline to do it. If the deadline has passed and you did not complete it - be honest and determine why. The real cause is not in the "what" but in the "why not". 

- Talk The Walk - Start each morning with positive self-talk and be determined to tackle one challenging task or assignment that you are dreading to do. If you can make it a habit to accomplish something once a day or even once a week, your progress rate will go up instantly and you will walk down your to-do list in no time.

- Map Your Consequences - List all the possible scenarios that can come from your action and in-action towards your goal. Go as far as you can with the outcomes for each scenario. What are the consequences for your action and in-action? Does one or the other motivate you to move forward?

Even if you decide to cancel the idea or goal all together, contrary to what some believe, that is progress. You just saved yourself time, money, and the hassle of following through with something that may not benefit you in the long run.

It has been said that our thoughts become beliefs, beliefs become action, action becomes habit, and habit is a way of life. If this is true and it starts in the mental, then to alleviate procrastination and spur your productivity, you must figure out what is blocking your action and inspire yourself to move forward.

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