Saturday, September 6, 2014

7 Resources To Find Your Next Job

Finding a job is easy most times when you have one, simply because you are not stressed for money or pressed to accept an offer that is less than what you want. However, when you are pressed, the reality is, sometimes we have to do what we don't want, to get to where we want to be. A major part of finding a job is having a smart plan and the right tools to make your search easier. Getting started sooner rather than later is always the best approach to managing your career. There comes a time when you have to get off the "career merry-go-round" and be strategic for setting yourself up for your next move...

The time to do that is now.
Here are 7 resources to help you on your way:

  1. Make a to-do list or outline your transferable skills (Evernote)
  2. Redesign your resume using a fresh new template (Resume Designer
  3. Research places where you want to work (Glassdoor)
  4. Apply for a job on your device using your LinkedIn profile (LinkedIn Job Search)
  5. Access your resume anywhere and on any device (Google Drive)
  6. Follow job postings published on your favorite company sites (Google Alerts)
  7.  Stand out with a unique email signature (WiseStamp)
Other Job Prep Tips to Consider:
  • Update your LinkedIn profile 
  • Get a professionally written resume 
  • Practice for your big day with a mock interview
  • Make sure your references are prepared 
  • Ask for a job preview before accepting 
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