Sunday, February 21, 2016

One Easy Way to Find YOUR Formula for Success

The decision to become an entrepreneur can be a wonderfully exciting and paralyzingly fearful adventure all at the same time. Recently I attended a seminar  sponsored by the Women's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project (WEOP) for people at all stages of their careers, both entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs alike. I had the great pleasure of not only sharing my insights from business, but also learning from others the "why" for striking out on their own. What became increasingly clear as I talked with these empowered women about their choices is how their definition of success can either help or hinder the chance for becoming a statistic for a failed startup. 

What I have come to recognize is that a career is a marathon that expands over the course of one's life, however we can approach our career decisions like we are running a 50-yard dash. For every stage of life, one will have to assess their strategy and calibrate decisions to ensure alignment with the desired goals. If your plan is to win the career marathon in a small business or a corporate environment, then how are you preparing for the journey?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or intrepreneur, figuring out how to stand out in a crowded marketplace is no easy feat. We all have an idea of what it means to be successful, but is it your idea or what the culture has branded success to be? 

Wisdom warns us that buying into superficial desires can spawn empty feelings which is the beginning of failure. The only one you are in competition with is YOU, so it's important to determine YOUR formula to win the marathon. In the end, "winning" is the result of achieving success based on your values, not someone else's.

I have identified seven areas for SUCCESS which can help with your definition and is a process that is uniquely yours. Transform how you approach various aspects of your professional and personal life using this formula.

Before starting this exercise, consider these tips:

1) Take time out for introspection to remove the doubt, creating the freedom to confidently move forward.

2) Know what you are not willing to sacrifice to narrow your choices, making a clear path for your plan.

3) Don't let fear "rob" you of who you want to become. Find ways to block out the negative thoughts and naysayers.    

Review the SUCCESS formula below and define what winning means by your standards.

  • See - What is your vision?
  • Understand - How do you validate your vision?
  • Care - How passionate are you about your vision?
  • Commit - Do you have time, money, or support? 
  • Explore - How do you expand your opportunities?
  • Shift - What change will you have to make?
  • Serve - How can you serve others?

Don't let "perceived failure" derail your plan. Create contingencies to stay on track and forge a new path to obtaining your goal.

Stacey Rivers is an author, mom, wife and IT Talent Professional. Find her current book "50 Essential Tips To Getting & Keeping The Right Job" on Amazon. 

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